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Large donation Praxis for Gered Gereedschap


Following the change in the assortment of new own brand hand tools earlier this year, Praxis wanted to make sure that the replaced (unused) tools would find a good home. As a result, the charity organisation received a single donation of tens of thousands of new tools for reuse in developing nations. 

Gered Gereedschap supplies tools to technical schools and starting companies in Africa, Latin America and Asia. For many schools, students and businesses in developing nations, the cost of good quality tools is prohibitive. Tools are essential, however, for learning and practising all kinds of occupations. Graduates may keep the tools as starting capital, to help them start their own business. The obsolete, unused Praxis tools offer people with few options an opportunity to take control of their own lives. Every Praxis store has a container where you can donate your used tools for Gered Gereedschap.

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