Advantages store and online at Praxis Tilburg Reeshof

In recent weeks, a lot of work has been done at Praxis Tilburg Reeshof to design it according to the Phygital concept and prepare the store for the future. In stores equipped with this concept, the physical store and online channels are better connected, and customers experience the benefits of both channels. Although customers were able to visit the store in the past period, they are of course also welcome to check out the result from 25 May. With this renewal, Praxis Tilburg Reeshof is prepared for the future. The focus has been placed on the strong categories, hardware, paint and laminate, and the local needs have also been closely looked at. The layout of the store has been adjusted with, among other things, optimized planograms, and more sales areas with bestselling products. The team is happy that the store is finished and that the focus shifted to what the team is good at: helping customers with honest advice so that they can make the right choice for a DIY job.

Maxeda DIY Group

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