Supply Chain

In addition to improving service and efficiency, the Maxeda DIY Group Supply Chain team is engaged in reducing its carbon footprint. This is being done, among other things, by using inland shipping instead of road transport, greening the truck fleet of logistics partners and reducing the number of return freights.

The 'Cross-dock 2.0' project also contributes to reducing CO2 emissions. Because all packages and pallets are provided with a scannable barcode and identification number, it is immediately visible if a delivery has ended up at the wrong store. This can then be returned immediately and does not have to be picked up again later. In addition, the installation of more than 1,000 LED lamps in the 100,000 m² logistics warehouse greatly reduced energy consumption. Because the lamps are made in the Netherlands via digital manufacturing and are fully recyclable, they ensure extremely low CO2 emissions.

There are still plenty of initiatives planned for the future, for example stricter emission standards for transporters will be integrated and there will be an active search for optimizations for the logistics activities across the various distribution centers.

Our focus areas

To ensure sustainable business as an organization, Maxeda focuses on three different areas. 

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ESG initiatives

Up to 2030, Maxeda has developed various ESG initiatives in all three focus areas. 

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Sustainable Products

All products we source and offer to consumers comply with relevant legislation and regulations.

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Maxeda DIY Group

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