Sustainable products

As the largest DIY chain in the Benelux, Maxeda DIY Group feels responsible for the continuity of natural raw materials and the working conditions in factories where products for Maxeda are made. The aim is for as much of the wood and wood-containing products as possible to be certified, and Maxeda is a member of both FSC Netherlands and Belgium. Also, one of the requirements for suppliers is to provide documented proof that the factories where Maxeda products are made meet minimum requirements and Maxeda is a member of amfori BSCI.

The stores also offer organic or ecologically responsible products as an alternative to standard products. For example, biological resources are used, natural ingredients form the basis of the product, are the products biodegradable or the choice of packaging is taken into account. Other sustainable options are the many water-saving products in the range, one battery that can be used for all kinds of power tools and the wide range of insulation-related products.

In addition, the stores offer customers the opportunity to become more sustainable through services. For example, by extending the life of equipment by offering maintenance, an equipment rental service and by providing advice and products that can save energy or water.


We have extended our use of plastic tote boxes and dollies for store deliveries across both Brico and Praxis. This initiative both improves the pick efficiency at the DC and reduces the put away time, resulting in less cardboard being used. The majority of store deliveries is made on dollies.

All Business Units develop a waste management administration to be able to monitor the packaging waste brought to the market. We strive to decrease our impact on the environment in a structural manner, in the production stage, the use stage and the waste stage.



Maxeda DIY Group is a retailer of the leading brands in home improvement, some of which we own ourselves. There is a continued focus on improving product ranges, both through better sourcing and improving our own brands, delivering excellent quality.

Our Business Units and business relations purchase products from a large number of countries across a wide spectrum of cultural backgrounds and social conditions. Therefore, we have set a number of basic conditions concerning working methods and conditions that we expect our suppliers and manufacturers to meet. It covers all the products and services we buy, from single products to professional services, in every market where we operate across the world.

We’ll work with suppliers to help them to do this, whether by offering help in specific areas, or by connecting them to the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), an organization following the social development of their organization, by yearly self assessments and audits. Maxeda DIY Group is participant of the BSCI Network.

Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain is focused on delivering improvement in service & efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint.

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Code of Conduct

Since Maxeda began, uncompromising integrity and professionalism have been the cornerstones of our business. 

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ESG initiatives

Up to 2030, Maxeda has developed various ESG initiatives in all three focus areas.

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Maxeda DIY Group

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