Our strategy

Maxeda DIY Group is the largest DIY retailer in the Benelux with Praxis stores in the Netherlands and Brico and BricoPlanit stores in Belgium and Luxembourg. These retail chains are represented by 344 stores, both owned and franchised. Most stores have floor areas from 3,000 m² to 5,000 m². Maxeda DIY Group has more than 7,000 employees, of which about 60% work in the Dutch stores and at the head office in Amsterdam. All stores together have over 1 million m² of retail space and receive more than 1.5 million customers in-store and online every week.

Maxeda's strategy is to make our company and the life of our customers more sustainable. With our strategy 'Make it Sustainable' we want to build a sustainable and attractive retail organization through five growth engines: Store, Product, Digital & Data Intelligence, People & Community and Home. The growth engines include various projects and initiatives. Consider, for example, partnerships with Zoofy, Casius and PWIIC (Home); renewing stores (Store); Employer Branding (People & Community); increase the range of sustainable products (Product); and further develop various online channels (Digital & Data intelligence).

Our mission and vision

We serve all Makers, from beginners to more experienced. Through our stores and online, we help with advice, inspiration and the largest offline and online range to make sure every DIY job can be done in the best way.

Our goal is that our store formulas are the top-of-mind DIY retailers with a wide range of [sustainable] products to make homes more sustainable and beautiful. In doing so, we help Makers contribute to a more sustainable world through their DIY jobs. In addition, as Maxeda, we have reduced our CO2-emissions by 42% by 2030 and are committed to the long-term goal of being climate neutral by 2050.

Company profile

Maxeda DIY Group is a market leading DIY retailer that operates 344 stores across the Benelux.   

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Corporate Governance

Maxeda DIY Group and its formats are committed to a sound governance structure.

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Maxeda DIY Group

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