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Through initiatives such as reducing plastic usage and minimizing resource depletion and pollution, we are decreasing our environmental impact. We are expanding the assortment and visibility of sustainable products, making it easier for customers to opt for the more sustainable choice.

Increase the offer of sustainable products

We already offer many products in our assortment that enable customers to make their homes more sustainable. Additionally, we aim to increase the number of products produced sustainably. For instance, we recently introduced bamboo toilet accessories, our Perfection paint Own Brand pots are made from recycled materials, and we launched a PVC-free, CO2-neutral floor produced in Europe. Over the coming years, we will work with our suppliers to introduce more sustainably produced products.

Packaging minimization for Own Brand products

In addition to sustainable production, minimizing packaging is also a priority. In recent years, we've made significant strides in this area, saving 50,000 kg of plastic per year, and transitioning more Own Brand products to cardboard packaging or completely eliminating packaging. In the coming years, we will further focus on this, collaborating with our suppliers.

In the long-term: >95% certified wood in our stores

Many of the products we sell are made of wood or contain wood. Recognizing our responsibility for the sustainability of natural resources, including wood, we aim for as many of these products as possible to be certified with either the FSC or PEFC label. Currently, 89,3% of our wood and wood-containing products are certified, and we are committed to reaching at least 95% by 2030.

Make sustainable products more visible for our customers

Research indicates that many customers find it challenging to identify sustainable products. While they consider sustainability important in their purchases, they struggle to determine which products are truly more sustainable. Therefore, we aim to enhance the visibility of sustainable products for customers. One way we're doing this is by selling products with the EU Ecolabel. Additionally, we're developing a logo to designate sustainable products in-store and online, making it easier for customers to choose the more sustainable option.

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