Our people/community

We aspire to be an inclusive and diverse employer where employees from various backgrounds feel welcome, valued, and empowered. We aim to harness the strengths of individuals requiring extra support by putting them in positions where they can thrive. We raise awareness about sustainability among our employees through training sessions and organize various projects to contribute to the communities around us.

Increasing ESG awareness of our employees

To enhance sustainability awareness among our employees, we regularly update them about our initiatives and involve them in our journey. We communicate our initiatives through various channels such as videos, Business Updates, and our internal social platform. In 2024, our supplier and product fairs were focused on sustainability. Additionally, we publish bi-monthly flyers and newsletters to share the latest developments in this area. Lastly, we actively encourage employees to share their ideas for sustainable initiatives through suggestion boxes.

Strengthen diversity and inclusion in our HR policy

At Maxeda DIY Group, we believe that employees thrive best in an inclusive work environment where respect, collaboration, and attention to individual qualities and development opportunities take precedence. We strive to ensure that everyone feels welcome and appreciated.
To uphold this, we have an Diversity & Inclusion project group dedicated to these matters. We've taken significant steps to reduce barriers for individuals extra requiring support to join our workforce. For instance, we utilize task lists and provide HARRIE training for managers to equip them with skills in supporting employees with additional needs.

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