Our focus areas

To ensure sustainable business as an organization, Maxeda focuses on three different areas:

Our people

Connect with our people

We want to be an inclusive and diverse employer in which employees from diverse backgrounds feel welcome and valued, and people with a distance to the labor market are empowered. We create awareness about sustainability among our employees and involve internal ambassadors to reinforce this message.

Our stores/head offices

Reduce the carbon footprint of our stores/head offices

Maxeda's store operation includes 344 stores in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands and 2 head offices in Brussels and Amsterdam. By taking cost-saving measures within our stores/head offices and implementing future-proof solutions, Maxeda wants to reduce its carbon footprint.

Our products

Make it sustainable with our products

Maxeda wants to contribute to building a sustainable future and have a positive impact on our world. By using less plastic and limiting resource depletion and pollution, we are committed to protecting our planet and reducing our environmental impact. We will further increase the offer of sustainable products and make sustainable products more visible so we can help customers to make their homes more sustainable.

Maxeda DIY Group

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