Highlights 2022/23

We would like to present our group's Highlights and sustainable initiatives for the year 2022/23. As every year, Maxeda invested heavily to ensure its future growth. This includes the opening of new stores (3 in the Netherlands and 4 in Belgium), but also the expanding and improving of the existing storebase. Of course, product innovation and making the range more sustainable are still important. Just like making our stores more sustainable, solar panels were installed on the roofs of six stores and charging stations at five store. Furthermore, we launched our own marketplace on 16 January 2023. This was the first DIY marketplace in the Benelux and shows that we continue to invest in our online proposition.

Read below a short interview with our CFO Luc Leunis about the year 2022/23.

Interview Luc Leunis (CFO Maxeda DIY Group)

How do you look back on the 2022-23 financial year?

"I look back on the 2022-23 financial year with satisfaction. Despite the difficult macroeconomic environment and rising geopolitical tensions around the world, Maxeda managed to record slightly increasing sales compared to the previous year. The result also held up nicely with a realized EBITDA of EUR 107 million." 

What projects did Maxeda primarily invest in last year?

"As every year, Maxeda again invested heavily in order to enable its future growth. For example, the opening of new stores (3 in the Netherlands and 4 in Belgium), but also the enlargement and improvement of the existing store base. Naturally, product innovation and expanding the range of sustainable products remain important. In a rapidly changing world that is becoming increasingly digital, we have also decided to allocate part of the 2022-23 investment budget to launching our own marketplace. This was the first DIY marketplace in the Benelux and has been successfully launched on January 16, 2023."

What are you most proud of when you look back on 2022-23 financial year?

"Despite the difficult economic conditions, we managed to achieve a decent result again this year. We were able to optimally serve and help our customers realize their DIY projects. This was of course made possible thanks to the creativity and commitment of all our employees, whom I hereby expressly wish to thank." 

What are your expectations for the financial year 2023-24?

"The current economic climate, like last year, makes it difficult to look forward. The geopolitical situation in Ukraine, the evolution of inflation, the fluctuation of energy prices, etc. continue to weigh on consumer confidence. Nevertheless, I look forward with confidence, because with our 'Make it Sustainable' strategy we have laid a strong foundation for the future."

Maxeda DIY Group

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