A festive anniversary for Praxis and Gered Gereedschap

Recently, Praxis celebrated two milestones. For 25 years, Praxis and Gered Gereedschap have enjoyed working together. This festive anniversary coincides with Gered Gereedschap's 40th anniversary. Every Praxis stores has a Gered Gereedschap collection point where customers can hand in old tools. Gered Gereedschap refurbishes them in workshops and then sends them on request to craftsmen in Africa. By sharing knowledge, skills and resources, Gered Gereedschap's mission is to help craftsmen in Africa build an independent livelihood and sustainably tackle poverty. In honour of the anniversary, Gered Gereedschap received a donation from Praxis and its franchisees to be spent on one of their projects. The donation from Praxis will be used by Gered Gereedschap for the CUWEDE project in Uganda. CUWEDE is a community-based organisation working to improve the situation of local people in northern Uganda through a variety of initiatives. There, they train and coach young craftsmen, such as metalworkers or tailors, in starting their own businesses. Professional skills are sharpened and they are trained in entrepreneurial skills and soft-skills. CUWEDE lets young craftsmen take this one-year entrepreneurial training through a scholarship.

Maxeda DIY Group

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