Phygital concept in renewed Praxis Almelo

During the seasonal peak of the year, Praxis Almelo was busy not only helping customers but also renovating. The store is renovated and designed according to the Praxis Phygital concept, while also remaining open to customers. From Wednesday 18 May, customers can view the result and experience both the advantages of the physical store, such as help from experts and products that can be viewed and taken directly with them, as well as the advantages of online, such as an extensive range and inspiration. The store is really different now and better prepared for the future. The Phygital concept makes it possible to serve our customers, in the store or through our online options. In addition, the store has become a lot more organized, for example, there is only one main isle and extra areas with bestseller products have been added. Some departments and the outside of the store have also been given a major makeover. After this challenging period, the Almelo team is looking forward to receiving customers in the new store and being able to help them even better with their DIY jobs.

Maxeda DIY Group

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