Opening 12th Praxis City in Amsterdam East

The residents of the Eerste van Swindenstraat in Amsterdam have probably noticed that in recent weeks, a lot of work has been done at number 195. In a short time, the 12th Praxis City was built here. The finished store can be visited from the 24th of August. Our Cities are do-it-yourself stores specially tailored to the needs of local residents, where specific range, convenience and service are central. We will continue to evaluate and further develop the concept, so that the products and services of the store are more and more relevant to the residents. In the new store in Eerste van Swindenstraat, customers will find, in addition to the most important DIY products, useful services such as paint mixing, tool rental and a workshop where they can carry out small DIY jobs themselves. We believe that there are many Makers living in the Eerste van Swindenstraat and the surrounding area, whom we can help with this new store. The first reactions from local residents are already positive.

Maxeda DIY Group

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