Opening Praxis Hoogeveen and Harderwijk

Also in 2021, Praxis will continue to (re)open stores! At the beginning of this year, Praxis Hoogeveen was completely renovated, making the store future-proof and being the first Praxis store to be designed according to the phygital concept. In stores with this concept the physical store connects better with the Praxis online channels, for example through the use of QR codes and configurators. As a result, the store and online reinforce each other and an optimal customer experience is created. The store has had a total make-over. An adapted routing, a renewed and broader range, new cash registers, and facade with the new Praxis logo. In the coming year, the phygital-concept will be further developed and rolled out to more Praxis stores.

In addition, Praxis has built a completely new store in Harderwijk. After 16 years, Praxis Harderwijk said goodbye to the familiar place at the Verkeersweg at the beginning of this year and the team moved to the new location at Knardijk West 12. The completely new store is fully focused on making everything as easy as possible for the customer and is now open to everyone, without an appointment! There is sufficient parking space, clear navigation so that products are easy to find and of course a wide range of do-it-yourself items.

Maxeda DIY Group

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