Praxis joins forces with 35 labor market regions

On 13 February, Praxis signed national cooperation agreements with all labor market regions, both UWV and municipalities are affiliated. Together with UWV and Schakelpunt Landelijke Werkgevers, Praxis is committed to making it easier for people with a distance from the labor market to find work. Praxis is the first DIY chain with similar agreements that regulate the mediation of candidates from the files of UWV and municipalities. It is the first time that public parties from all 35 labor market regions are connected and together with Praxis will fill in the jobs. Melithsa Demmers, HR Director Praxis: “Praxis is for everyone. Anyone who wants to work and can use his talents. We have experienced that employees with a distance from the labor market are enormously involved and are happy to be part of a team. That is also motivating for colleagues. We want to be an inclusive employer and intensifying the cooperation with UWV and municipalities can make a major contribution to this. I am proud!”

Maxeda DIY Group

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