Praxis starts campaign together with FSC Netherlands

Praxis has been working together with Dekma, Dekker Hout and FSC Netherlands to combat poverty in indigenous forest communities in Bolivia for quite some time. A large part of this project is the purchase of certified wood from the respective forests. To bring the importance of certified wood more to the attention of our Praxis customers, we will start a two-week campaign together with FSC Netherlands at the beginning of May 2022. We do this by informing customers about the importance of sustainable forest management in the tropics, purchasing FSC-certified wood products and the added social, economic and environmental value of community wood products from Bolivia.

Via a social media – and influencer campaign, we will inform customers in an accessible way about the importance of FSC-certified wood and its added value in social terms, the climate and biodiversity.

More information about certified wood and the work of FSC Netherlands can be found on their website:

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