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Erik Haegeman is the new CEO for Brico


As from 1 January 2013 Geert Verkest will hand over leadership of Brico Group to Erik Haegeman. Geert Verkest will move into a strategic advisory role for Maxeda DIY Group. He will continue to represent the Group on COMEOS, the Belgian Retail Organisation where he is chairman.

Erik joins from the Bricorama Group where he has been CEO since 2006. He started his career at Brico in 1988. Erik Haegeman: “I am thrilled to be invited to carry on the excellent work of Geert and his team.”

Geert joined the GIB Group 35 years ago. He joined Brico as a general manager in 1998 and became CEO in 2002. George Adams, CEO Maxeda DIY Group: “Geert has been an outstanding CEO and is highly respected in and outside our company. He has further expanded Brico, as market leader, by introducing Brico City, Brico Plan-It and by continuing to introduce new ranges. I am very glad that we will still benefit from Geert’s expertise over the next years and welcome Erik back at Brico Group.”

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