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20-12-17 Maxeda wins award “Europe High-Yield Bond of the Year”

13-07-17 Press Release Maxeda DIY Holding

10-07-17 Press Release Maxeda DIY Holding

22-06-17 New Praxis store opened in Hilversum

24-05-17 Praxis Feijenoord opened in Rotterdam

18-05-17 Dieter Struye Young Top Manager 2017

11-05-17 Praxis wins Werf& Award

12-04-17 Praxis Dronten opened

03-04-17 Frits Voorhout Maniging Director Formido

30-03-17 Brico Zemst reopened

25-03-17 Plan-It Antwerp renovated

01-02-17 Ralph Berteaux Director Format & Big Box

17-11-16 Praxis wins ‘Grand Prix Content Marketing Award"

19-10-16 Praxis reopens store in Bergen op Zoom

17-10-16 Jacques Hayaux du Tilly appointed Group Assortment Director

01-10-16 New logistic partner

23-09-16 Brico wins Webshop Award

15-09-16 Formido best web shop in DIY

12-07-16 Wecycle stands at Praxis help reducing CO₂ emissions

08-07-16 Reopening Formido in Bemmel and Elst

27-06-16 New Brico store opened in Tournai

19-05-16 Brico opens new store in Boussu

13-05-16 Brico opens new store in Neerpelt

01-05-16 20th Anniversary Briko Dépôt

26-04-16 Guy Colleau to join Maxeda DIY Group as CEO

24-03-16 New ‘Praxis om de Hoek’ store in The Hague

23-03-16 Brico opened stores in Aalst and Boncelles

16-03-16 Praxis Tuincentrum opens in Nieuwegein and Amsterdam Westpoort

16-12-15 Perfection wall paint Product of the Year

01-12-15 Pilots at Formido Putten

26-11-15 Brico opens new store in Beringen

29-10-15 Brico Mettet opens today

14-10-15 New stores Praxis Tuincentrum in Groningen and Zoetermeer

01-08-15 Jean-François Delepoulle appointed as Chairman of the Supervisory Board

01-07-15 Takeover Formido Dussen

01-05-15 Praxis om de Hoek opens in Rotterdam

01-05-15 Formido Mill reopened

06-04-15 Praxis om de Hoek opens its first city store

01-04-15 New store concept Praxis Tuincentrum

16-03-15 Chris Howell appointed as Chairman Maxeda DIY Group

19-11-13 Roel F. van Neerbos joins Maxeda DIY Group as CEO

24-10-13 Website Maxeda DIY Group ranked in top 25 Global Retail ranking

26-06-13 Praxis opens new store in Noordwijk

28-03-13 Management Changes at Maxeda DIY Group

22-03-13 Gardening with Acker; your garden professional

26-02-13 Formido opens new stores in Haren, Nijkerk and Beek en Donk

22-02-13 Perfection chosen Product of the Year 2013 by Dutch customers

29-01-13 Praxis launches 'Klik & Haal Af' and new website

21-12-12 Employees Maxeda DIY Group & Praxis donate Christmas hamper to Food bank

07-12-12 Large donation Praxis for Gered Gereedschap

03-12-12 Formido starts webshop, selling more than 3,000 products online.

08-11-12 Erik Haegeman is the new CEO for Brico

12-10-12 Brico opens 81st franchise store

26-09-12 Plan-It opens eleventh store in Ghent

05-09-12 Praxis opens 140th store in Sneek