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Brico launches buying and renting solar panels


Brico is the first retailer in Belgium to start selling and renting solar panels. In addition to buying, the unique rental formula of Brico Solar ensures that solar panels are now accessible to everyone without major investments. Customers can immediately receive a personal simulation online and in the store based on their consumption and type of home. Brico is working with the Belgian solar panel specialist Earth for this. They perform a technical analysis on the home and install the solar panels in less than one day.
Renting solar panels is an option which is a first in Belgium. This eliminates the financial threshold of purchase, which makes the energy transition accessible to everyone. Moreover, the rental formula provides an immediate return on the energy bill.
Interested? Brico Solar is available in 20 Brico and 12 BricoPlanit stores in Belgium, the complete list can be consulted on the Brico website.

News overview