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Maxeda DIY Group plays a prominent role in society and we aspire to do business which fully respects to our corporate social responsibility. As a Group, corporate responsibility means achieving business success in ways that demonstrate respect for people and the planet and upholding values and high ethic standards.

We demonstrate respect for people and the planet and ask all our employees and suppliers to consider the short and long-term impacts to the environment and the community when they make business decisions. In all our activities, we need to uphold Maxeda DIY Group’s reputation as a role model for socially responsible behaviour.

Corporate Governance

Maxeda DIY Group and its formats are committed to a sound governance structure.  
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Building a better World

Maxeda DIY Group takes its responsibility to drive corporate sustainability very seriously.  
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We have a
 continued to focus on improving product ranges, through better sourcing and improving our own brands.  
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