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Vakbad MIX visited Praxis Hoogeveen


The first Praxis store designed according to the Phygital concept recently opened in Hoogeveen. In this concept, the physical store connects better to the online channels of Praxis, for example using QR codes and configurators. Vakblad MIX visited the new store and was taken along on a store tour by Managing Director Corine Duchenne. She spoke extensively about the new Phygital concept and the plans for the future: “After this format for the smaller stores, we will continue to develop this for larger Praxis stores and the Praxis Mega stores. If you see the results in Hoogeveen, you would like this concept in all Praxis stores throughout the Netherlands tomorrow. We will monitor the results closely, adjust if necessary and further develop the concept in the coming period. Fortunately, the next eight stores are already on the conversion schedule this year.”

Read the full interview here (in Dutch). 

News overview