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Address information

Question or complaint
Do you have a question or complaint about a product of one of the Maxeda DIY Group's own brands?
Click here for Dutch customer service.
Click here for the Belgian customer service.
Or contact the store where you bought the product.

For possible collaborations or product offers, please email to

General questions Maxeda DIY Group
Do you have a question that is not about a product or the Maxeda DIY Group stores?
Please mail to

Investor Relations
For investor relations related questions, please mail to

Note: phishing mails
Currently, emails are being sent in which the sender pretends to be Procurement Officer at Maxeda DIY Group and wants to place a trial order. These are not sent by us and we advise not to respond to them.


Visitors address:
Herikerbergweg 336 - Diana building
1101 CT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Correspondence address:
P.O. Box 22954
1100 DL Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone number: +31 (0) 20 - 39 83 340

Addresses Stores: