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Company profile

Maxeda DIY Group is a market leading DIY retailer that operates 374 stores across the Benelux with over 7,000 employees.

Store profile

We have 4 DIY formats: Praxis and Formido in the Netherlands, Brico in Belgium and Luxembourg and Plan-it in Belgium. The majority of our stores is between 3,000-5,000 square metres, operating as Praxis (179 stores), Brico (144 stores) and BricoPlanit (12 stores). Our smaller store format is Formido (39 stores).

Our strategy

Our strategy is focussed on Maxeda DIY Group operating close to the customer through 4 retail formats.  
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Corporate Video

Maxeda DIY Group: Watch how we are all there for the makers.   
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1 Maxeda DIY Group with 4 retail chains with 374 stores, 1 mln customers weekly, served by over 7,000 employees.  
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