Sustainable employability

Maxeda DIY Group is an organisation where people like to work because they are passionate about what they do and they have pleasant colleagues who support each other. With a manager who sees, speaks, appreciates and inspires them, so that people get the best out of themselves and keep developing. With colleagues working together in an open, active and positive ambience. To us, sustainable employability means creating the opportunity for employees to remain healthy, happy and fit in their work. That goes hand-in-hand with jointly making sound choices and taking responsibility for a safe, pleasant workplace with a good working atmosphere. In addition to being interested in employees and colleagues, it is important that an employee also takes his or her responsibility, discusses matters with the manager and makes concrete proposals for continuing to work. That is sustainable employability. This is also reflected in the fact that Maxeda is working towards inclusive employership by setting up partnerships with national organisations. We welcome every talent.


Maxeda DIY Group

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