Reduce energy by insulation material

Insulating a house increases the living comfort and reduces the energy consumption. Even a small investment already does it. For example, by sealing seams and gaps, insulating central heating pipes in unheated rooms and sticking film behind radiators. This can easily be done without professional help. Brico and BricoPlanit offer a wide range of insulation-related products: glass wool, sealing tape, draught excluders, pipe insulation or insulation foam (PUR). Customers know this and make use of it: in 2018, over 510,000 items of 330 different products were sold in the category small and thick insulation.

Almost all of these products can be paid for with eco vouchers. In addition, Brico/BricoPlanit website customers receive all kinds of tips to prevent heat loss in their homes.

Maxeda DIY Group

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