Staff development

Maxeda DIY Group provides its staff with an online learning platform. The Academy offers a wide range of learning activities so that staff can work on their professional and personal development through classical and online training courses, as well as combination programmes. In 2019, 4,979 participants completed a total of 36,550 classical training hours.

Many hours of training were given in the area of safety. For example, first-aid, aggression, robberies, and operating various machines such as forklift trucks and stackers. Many training courses were also given for managers: basic techniques courses, and special modules on coaching, meeting techniques and leadership skills. In addition, staff have been able to improve their skills through practical training aimed at do-it-yourself knowledge and skills. The Academy also provides a wide range of online training courses to help staff develop personally in the area of productivity, communication and personal strength.

Maxeda DIY Group

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