Praxis store initiatives

In addition to the centrally organised activities in the area of CSR, stores are also able to organise local activities. A number of these initiatives carried out by Praxis in 2019 are listed below:

Career markets: The Praxis stores in Almere were represented at the career market ‘Almere on Stage’ which aims to show schoolchildren the diversity within the labour market. More than 900 schoolchildren from 12 different lower secondary vocational education schools (VMBO) attended.

Jong geleerd, oud gedaan (Never too young to learn): At Praxis Kollum they believe that you can never start early enough when it comes to recruiting new colleagues. As part of the Bedrijvencarrousel (Business Carousel) of Lauwers College, 20 students were given a 45-minute introduction to Praxis.

Work placement company: On 1 July 2019, Praxis Zoetermeer was proclaimed by SBB the best work placement company for intermediate vocational education (MBO) students of the South Holland province in the Trade sector. Praxis has MBO students in practically all its stores working either on a work placement or as part of an apprenticeship. By helping students to learn in practice, Praxis delivers an important contribution to the future of workmanship. Praxis supervises Trade and Logistics MBO students, particularly those studying Sales and Retail Management.

Kika Donation: This year money was collected for charity during the Praxis Day for the second time. It was decided to donate the money to the children’s cancer charity KiKa. Shop managers were asked to save €0.01 and €0.02 and to hand in the total amount on the Praxis Day. Praxis collected EUR 149 for KiKa.

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