Fine results for Maxeda Supply Chain

Maxeda Supply Chain, whose team is based at the central warehouse in Willebroek, Belgium, is working together with the ASL warehouse and logistical partners on realising a structural reduction to the ecological footprint during the transport of products to and from the warehouse and stores in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The results achieved in 2019:

  • Through using inland shipping instead of road transport we managed to reduce CO2 emissions in the import of goods by 70%.
  • The greener vehicle fleet meet almost 80% of the strictest Euro standards (EURO 6)
  • The more than 1,000 LED bulbs in the 100,000m² ASL logistics warehouse have significantly reduced the energy consumption.
  • The appointment of a team manager for further optimising waste separation.
  • An independent CSR team was set up in 2019. It meets every quarter and has already developed 30 ideas, nine of which have since been put into practice. Click here for a comprehensive report of the results achieved in the area of logistics in 2019.
Maxeda DIY Group

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