31,000 kg less plastic packaging

Maxeda DIY Group, in partnership with other DIY chains, has developed a ‘Sustainable Packaging Standard’ for its stores. This standard comprises guidelines for buyers and suppliers to reduce as much as possible the strain on the environment caused by product packaging. One of the results of this is that in 2019 the lighting products of Sensys and the shower sets and accessories of Aquavive/Aquazuro were no longer packaged in blister packs but in cardboard showboxes. This has resulted in 31,000 kg less plastic ending up in the environment each year.

In addition, for the period 2020-2022 objectives have been set, in collaboration with suppliers, for working further on restricting the damage caused to the environment by packaging materials. This has led to the purchasing office in China modifying its environmental policy – for example from the current standard cardboard to 80% certified cardboard in 2022.

Maxeda DIY Group

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