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Maxeda DIY Group is a retailer of the leading brands in home improvement, some of which we own ourselves. There is 
a continued focus on improving product ranges, both through better sourcing and improving our own brands, delivering excellent quality. 

Our Business Units and business relations purchase products from a large number of countries across a wide spectrum of cultural backgrounds and social conditions. Therefore, we have set a number of basic conditions concerning working methods and conditions that we expect our suppliers and manufacturers to meet. It covers all the products and services we buy, from single products to professional services, in every market where we operate across the world.

We’ll work with suppliers to help them to do this, whether by offering help in specific areas, or
by connecting them to the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), an organization following the social development of their organization, by yearly self assessments and audits. Maxeda DIY Group is participant of the BSCI Network.

Building a better World

Maxeda DIY Group takes its responsibility to drive corporate sustainability very seriously.  
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Code of Conduct

All of us, throughout the entire organisation, will work according to our philosophy: Building the Best.  
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Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain is focused on delivering improvement in service & efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint.  
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