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Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain & Logistics team is focused on delivering improvement in service and efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint. With investments in additional racking, IT and a revised DC layout, we delivered all of our goods on a single fleet with savings of over 500,000 kilometres traveled in 2012 compared to 2011.

The use of our cross-dock (Flow Through) since early 2012 has reduced the number of vehicles on our roads and consolidates the flow of goods from individual suppliers at five platforms across the Benelux into one single delivery per store. By the end of the roll out in 2012 we had reduced the number of kilometres traveled 
by 3 million, saving over 2,5 million kilo’s of carbon and reducing our travel distance by the equivalent of driving 100 times around the earth compared to 2011.

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We reduced 40% of our power consumption
 at our DC by replacing the lighting system.  
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Packaging & waste management

We have extended our use of plastic tote boxes and dollies for store deliveries across both Brico and Praxis.  
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Sustainable Products

All products we source and offer to consumers comply with relevant legislation and regulations.  
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