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24,000 kg batteries collected

Manufacturers, importers and distributors are under an obligation to collect and recycle all types of discarded batteries. Therefore, all Praxis stores have a battery drop-off point. Stichting Stibat picks up the collected batteries from the stores and, subsequently, arranges:

  • responsible services and solutions that contribute to a circular economy;
  • maximum reuse of products and resources;
  • safe and responsible processing of batteries according to national and European laws and regulations.

In 2018, all Praxis stores collected more than 24,000 kg of batteries, an increase of 110% compared to the year before.

33% energy savings with LED Lighting

With Light as a Service by Philips, Maxeda DIY Group opts for sustainability and an even more thrilling shopping experience.  
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Sustainable wood

Maxeda feels responsible for the continuity of natural resources and has set itself the target that by 2020 95% of its wood and wood-containing products should be certified.  
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Responsible production with BSCI

Maxeda DIY Group instructs suppliers to provide evidence that factories meet minimum requirements, as defined by amfori BSCI.  
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Sustainable employership

Maxeda DIY Group is an organisation where people like to work because they are passionate about what they do working with customers and colleagues in an open, active and positive ambience.  
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Sustainable packaging-reduction by 80%

Maxeda DIY Group has developed a standard for sustainable packaging ‘Standaard Duurzaam Verpakken’.  
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Reduction of waste flows by 18%

In all Praxis stores, the waste is separated into different waste streams; plastic, wood, paper/cardboard and residual waste.  
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Gered Gereedschap: 300,000 hand tools collected

Praxis supports the foundation Gered Gereedschap who gives a second life to handtools in Africa.  
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Employee development with Maxeda's Academy

At Maxeda DIY Group, employees are the key to success, which is why we encourage employees to work on their development.  
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Risk assessment and evaluation (RI&E)

Safe and healthy working conditions are important to us all, because everyone wants to go home in good health at the end of the day.   
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94,400 kg waste collected for recycling

In 2018, more than 94,400 kg of waste were collected from 164 Praxis stores by Wecycle, that in addition to the collection of materials also organizes recycling.  
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Praxis introduces dementia-friendly program

In December 2018, Praxis introduced the national retail project Together Dementia Friendly, to which Praxis contributes.   
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Maxeda supports entrepreneurs in developing countries

Maxeda DIY Group became a corporate ambassador at the Oxfam Novib Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs Network.  
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Fresh fruit for employees

Maxeda and Praxis promote a healthy lifestyle.  
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Workshops with CSR aspects

Customers are introduced to various sustainable alternatives during these workshops.  
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Praxis expands ecological range

Praxis offers organically or ecologically sound products as an alternative to standard products.    
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Work clothing from recycled material

The new work clothing for all our employees consists of 100% circular fabrics.  
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Monitoring use of pesticides

Maxeda DIY Group conducts regular samples to check whether suppliers adhere to the established criteria.  
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Logistics sustainability plan

The Maxeda DIY Group Supply Chain team focuses on improving service & efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint.  
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