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Reduce energy by insulation material

Insulating a house increases the living comfort and reduces the energy consumption. Even a small investment already does it. For example, by sealing seams and gaps, insulating central heating pipes in unheated rooms and sticking film behind radiators. This can easily be done without professional help. Brico and BricoPlanit offer a wide range of insulation-related products: glass wool, sealing tape, draught excluders, pipe insulation or insulation foam (PUR). Customers know this and make use of it: in 2018, over 510,000 items of 330 different products were sold in the category small and thick insulation.
Almost all of these products can be paid for with eco vouchers. In addition, Brico/BricoPlanit website customers receive all kinds of tips to prevent heat loss in their homes.

Sustainable wood in stores

Maxeda feels responsible for the continuity of natural resources and has set itself the target that by 2020 95% of its wood and wood-containing products should be certified.  
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Responsible production

Maxeda DIY Group instructs suppliers to provide evidence that factories meet minimum requirements, as defined by amfori BSCI.   
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CSR services for customers

With a diverse range of services, Brico and BricoPlanit offer customers the opportunity to become more sustainable.  
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33% energy savings with LED

With Light as a Service by Philips, Maxeda DIY Group opts for sustainability and an even more thrilling shopping experience.  
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Sustainable packaging

Maxeda DIY Group has developed a standard for sustainable packaging ‘Standaard Duurzaam Verpakken’.  
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Water-saving products

Maxeda DIY Group is committed to preventing the waste of water. To this end, it offers various solutions such as water-saving taps and shower sets.  
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45 years of product innovation

At Maxeda DIY Group, we are constantly looking for product innovations.  
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Sustainable employability

Maxeda DIY Group is an organisation where people like to work because they are passionate about what they do working with customers and colleagues in an open, active and positive ambience.   
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Employees develop with our Academy

At Maxeda DIY Group, employees are the key to success, which is why we encourage our colleagues to work on their development.  
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Collection of waste

More than 94,400 kg of electrical waste collected in collaboration with Recupel.  
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143,000 products with ecocheques

More than 143,000 products are bought with ecocheques: ecologically sound commodities and services.   
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Fresh fruit for staff

Maxeda and Brico promote a healthy lifestyle.   
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Makers workshops with CSR aspects

Customers are introduced to various sustainable alternatives during these workshops.  
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Expansion of ecological range

Brico and BricoPlanit offer organically or ecologically sound products as an alternative to standard products.  
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20,913 kg batteries collected

All Brico/BricoPlanit stores have a collection point for batteries, and more batteries were collected this year.  
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Work clothes from recycled material

The new work clothing for all our employees consists of 100% circular fabrics.  
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Monitoring the use of pesticides

Brico remains committed to providing clear product information and introducing new sustainable alternatives.  
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Sustainability plan logistics

The Maxeda DIY Group Supply Chain team focuses on improving service & efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint.  
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