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The role of Maxeda DIY Asia is to identify, evaluate and select manufacturing partners in Asia and to work with them to develop and deliver products in line with the plans of the retail formats.

To achieve this, the Commercial team includes functional expertise in Sourcing, Quality and Supply Chain, who work closely with the buyers in Europe, as well as the Vendors in Asia. Maxeda DIY Asia plays an active role in product development (design, testing, packaging, final product approval) through manufacturing and delivery (inspection, Shipment & payment).

The purpose is to ensure that all products that Maxeda DIY Asia ships offer the customers excellent value, by being;

  • Sourced from qualified factories
  • Safe and legally compliant
  • Of the right quality
  • Executed to the agreed timeframes


Maxeda DIY Asia is the sourcing division of Maxeda DIY Group. Its values are at the heart of everything they do.  
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Products from Asia

Maxeda DIY Group direct sources products across the entire range of its stores.  
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Sourcing Policy

Maxeda DIY Asia has established detailed policies relating to the vendors it works with and the products that it buys.  
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